Gonzaga looks to become 5th team in 55 years to win every conference game by double digits

Season Team Record/Conference Average Scoring Margin
2017 Gonzaga 14-0 in WCC (in progress) 26.07
2004 Gonzaga 14-0 in WCC 19.07
1991 UNLV 18-0 in Big West 29.61
1974 Long Beach State 12-0 in PCAA 21.25
1973 Saint Joseph’s 6-0 in Middle Atlantic 25.67

Leading up to the start of the 2016-17 campaign, 135 teams have gone undefeated in conference play over the last 55 years (dating back to the 1962-63 season). As of February 15th, only three teams still have a chance to do that this season: Vermont in the America East, Princeton in the Ivy League, and Gonzaga in the West Coast Conference. Out of those 135 teams, only four have: 1) gone through their conference unbeaten in the regular season AND 2) won each of those games by 10+ points. This season, only Gonzaga still maintains a chance to do that, they’re beating WCC opponents by an average of 26.07 points, with their smallest margin being 10 against both BYU and Saint Mary’s, with both games being on the road for the Zags.

The last team to win each conference game by 10+ points was 2004 Gonzaga. 1991 UNLV, who won all but one game in the regular season by double digits (the one single digit game coming against then-#2 Arkansas) also achieved this feat. The other two teams since 1963 to accomplish this were Long Beach State in 1974, coached by Lute Olson in his one and only season at LBSU. Saint Joseph’s in 1973 won each conference game by double digits as well, but only played six conference games.

Out of the four teams of the past 55 years to win each conference game by double digits, only 1991 UNLV and 1973 Saint Joseph’s were able to win their conference tournament games by a 10+ point margin as well. 2004 Gonzaga had a one-point contest against Santa Clara in the WCC semifinals, and Long Beach State in 1974 did not participate in any postseason play due to NCAA sanctions.

The last “power conference” team to win each conference games by double digits was Kentucky out of the SEC in 1954. That season, Kentucky beat SEC opponents by an average of 35.9 per game, with nobody coming within 22 points of them. However, in the SEC Playoff Game Kentucky only beat LSU by seven points.

The RSI projects Gonzaga to win each of their four remaining WCC games by double digits. Gonzaga has San Francisco, Pacific, San Diego, and BYU left to play, with the only road game being at San Diego on Feb. 23.


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